Ram Territorial Behavior Question

  1. bitseriously

    bitseriously Well Known Member Member

    I just added a pair of small GBR to my 33gal sand bottom tank. Tank is pretty well planted, and has a sort of sand-path-like divide down the middle (the classic sand path between angled rocks). It's understocked for now, just finished an upsize (tankmates are 3 otos and 4 rummy's; 7 more rummies and 6 sterbais in quarantine).
    The pair I added on Friday have already set up shop at the middle of the tank (some nice flat sections of dragonstone bits there).
    My question has to do with their interaction with my rummy nose tetras. The rams (mostly the female, the male isn't really that into it at this point) are chasing/darting at the rummy's when the try to swim across the middle of the tank. So the rummy's are sort of corralled at one end. Will the rams settle down as I add more rummies and cory's? Or should I contemplate significant changes to the scape so the rams only have rocks at one end? [But :bigtears: I'm really happy with my scape!]
    Also, how young will GRB breed? This pair is still quite small, male maybe 1" not including tail fins, female a bit smaller. Are they serious, or just going through the motions?
    Any thoughts are appreciated!
    P.S. Is it "rummy's" or "rummies"? o_O
  2. yukondog

    yukondog Well Known Member Member

    You'll know when the female is ready, her belly will turn more pink/purple, it sounds like there setting up there territory.