Ram/Dwarf cichlid in 20g?


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I have been wanting to get either a ram cichlid or a dwarf cichlid, but I am not sure if they can be kept with 7 black skirt tetras and 3 green cory cats in my 20 gallon horizontal tank. The tetras range from 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches and I have one 3 inch, they are also mixed between the normal and long-fin varieties. The tank has lots of hiding spaces and 2 live plants, including amazon sword and java fern. The substrate is gravel. The tank is cycled and my water quality is pretty good. My pH is 7.4, my ammonia is < 0.1 ppm, nitrites are 0, and nitrates are about 20. The fish total to about 15.5 inches. Will it work out? If so, where can I find a good breeder? Should I get just one or can I keep a pair? Is there anything else I should know?


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I think it will work - just be aware that rams like it warm; bolivians rams are ok with cooler temps. There are many different dwarf cichlid just find something compatible with your black skirts 72-75 and your cory (you didn't say which type). BGR prefer 80s - may folks on this forum suggest 82 or 83. Mine seem happy at 80-81.
sorry you said you had green cory - which i believe are happy 75-82.
A lot of dwarf chilid like little caves - so maybe some drift wood and perhaps (not required) a small piece of slate slanted across the driftwood to create a tiny cave. The lfs here sell slate pretty cheap.

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