ram died, now gourami is bloated badly!

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    I just had one of my blue rams die in my 36 bowfront, which was pretty upsetting. It started off as these strange red spots inside of him, and after speaking to the fish store, I treated the whole tank with prazipro and the red spots then started to "unravel" and then it became clear, they were worms! Unfortunately, it was just too late....and the fish died about 24 hours after the treatment. I had only had him a week or two, so it was likely that it came in with parasites of some sort. After it died, I did a 50% water change and re-dosed the prazipro just in case. Oddly, I have another one of the same rams upstairs, and that one is perfectly fine....I did treat that tank as well, just in case.

    Now, my dwarf gourami is extremely bloated. I'd noticed him looking pretty bloated a week or two ago but I didn't think anything of it because it went back to normal, and he's a bit of a pig and tries to eat the algae wafers I give my cories, so I thought maybe that's all it was. But now it's bloated again and it's much, much worse, and on top of that, his bottom fin right near the anus is like, all black and almost looking as if it's necrotic or something, it doesn't look good. When the ram died, his fins were all black too, so this is not bringing back good memories....not sure if that's just a sign of a sick/dying fish or what, but I'm not too happy that now my gourami is also not right.

    The tank's levels are finally reading OK too, I had some issues with total ammonia showing high but free ammonia was low, I figured maybe because I am using prime, ph would fluctuate a little during that as well. But now the tank is seeming fully cycled, ph is stable at 7, and all the levels are spot on, plus all the other fish OK. API test is yellow / 0 on the ammonia. nitrites 0, and nitrates were 18, but I did a 35-40% water change so likely lower now...i'm using those jbl proscan strips in addition to the api stuff, so I even have nice little graphs of all this, I don't suspect the water conditions are the problem though....

    The strange bit is, I have another ram and gourami in my tank upstairs that came from the same exact tanks at the same two fish stores, and both of them are OK so far....I started to suspect the ram with the parasites might have been a one-off thing, but I can't be sure. The other thing is, when the ram had worms, it was all contained within the back 2/3 of the fish, like the tail-end, and not so much it's stomach, or the front of the fish. Where as, this DG, I can't see any signs of parasites at all in the back half, the bloat is entirely near the front of the fish, near his stomach...His anus looks kind of red too, but I don't see any stringy poop or anything...Could this be the same parasites, something else....maybe DGIV? I'd think the one upstairs would show symptoms too? I've probably have had the gourami about 2 months now...

    ugh i take that back, just found the blue ram upstairs dead. now i'm wondering if i unintentionally just infected both my tanks with something the prazipro isn't helping with....

    i've since done an epsom salt bath for the gourami and the blackness is a little less now, but still there...hes still extremely bloated...not sure how long he can last like this....i have him in one of those hang on isolation tanks right now inside the 36 bowfront...
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    Welcome to Fishlore, sorry you're having a problem, hope you get some responses today.
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    sadly, the dwarf gourami died today...despite my best efforts, a late night trip to a 24 hour pharmacy to get some epsom salt, among other things....now i'm worried my other gourami may be at risk to whatever killed this one! I ended up getting some antibiotic type thing, and i've dosed the tank with the remaining gourami preventatively just in case....he seems OK so far, but both of my tanks are looking pretty empty right now, all the bigger fish died, mostly just have some cories, tetras and guppies left....not sure what i'm gonna do now...