Ram Cichlid With Sore Help

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    I am posting here because I am not sure what to do. The picture below is of one of my ram cichlids that has developed a large sore. It started about 2 months ago as a discoloration of the skin that looks like excess slime, as seen in the golden ram on the left, and has become what is on the ram on the right. I have done full treatments of both Furan 2 and Triple Sulfa as directed by the boxes under the assumption that it was a bacterial infection with no change or affect to the sore. No other fish in the tank have been infected by this and the blue ram still eats and behaves normally, other than being more skiddish than normal. Thanks for your help. Here is some information to help you. fb49bb1b2eb04ae4dc1ebf19d65ae74d.jpg b4f3dfa2b9117973f43a925d6a943527.jpg 61347cfac27397e464340c1c401fee7b.jpg 6266635dc7b4ee753ae9677b6f3eba4f.jpg
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    Tank size: 39 gallons


    1 dwarf gourami

    4 corydoras

    8 cherry barbs

    2 khuli loaches

    2 Rams

    Last fish added were the corydoras and a guppy who died of a sore and general wasting away. I believe this is what got the disease into the tank. They were added over 2 months ago.
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    Water conditions:

    Temp: 79°C

    Ammonia: 0

    Nitrite: 0

    Nitrate: <20

    pH: 7.5