ram cichlid with betta?


Good or bad combination? ???


Rams need at least a 15 gallon planted tank with hiding places for a pair or trio in order for them to have room to claI'm territories and to get away from each other. But if the Betta gets nosey (and we know he will) and they are getting ready to spawn they might just tear his fins to bits. If you decide to do this I just wanted you to know it's risky.


kind of as a follow up question... is it easier to breed rams or swordtails? I have a 20 gallon tank that's occupied at the moment, but down the road I want to try breeding one of these two awesome fish...


The swordtails are probably easier to breed. Rams are more sensitive to water conditions than swordtails are.


Swordtails are definitely better. Rams are more sensitive and are being mass-produced to meet the needs of pet store so quality stocks are poor.

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