Ram-centered 20gL stocking and some questions about my 55gal stocking

  1. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    Okay, so right now I have one female GBR in my heavily-planted 20gL. I'm running an AquaClear 30 for filtration, a Zoo Med Aqua Sun dual bulb 48W T5HO fixture for lighting and the heater is set at about 80F. The tank is planted with cabomba, anacharis, broadleaf ludwigia, red temple plant, red ludwigia and jungle val. I might add more plants (varieties) as I find ones I like, but they will all be "feathery" and smaller-leafed, like the present plants (i.e.-no swords or anubias or anything big-leafed like that).

    So, now I'm thinking about how I want to stock this around my ram. I am going to try to get a male ram, but not sure if the LFS will have any (when I got my female, all they had were females).

    So, I'm thinking about this:

    1 (possibly 2) GBRs
    6-8 harlequin rasbora (LOVE these fish)
    1 clown pleco (maybe)

    I want a bottom feeder (other than the RCS), but can't find any cories around me that stay small enough. I like kuhlis, but if I got them, I would want striped kuhlis and nowhere around me carries them. I don't want to order online because it costs so danged much to ship. So, does that stocking list sound good? Can I up the number of harlies or keep them where they're at?

    As for my 55gal...it's kind of morphed into a temperate tank after I lost half my fish to ich. Now that the ich is gone, I'm thinking about restocking. The tank is filtered by a Cascade 1000 canister filter (rated for 100 gallons), is heavily planted with swords, jungle val, anubias, giant hairgrass, and java fern (that I need to reattach because one of my goldfish is a brat). The lighting is a 108W Current NOVA T5HO fixture running one 10K bulb and one actinic bulb. For stocking right now, I have:

    2 ryukin goldfish (one adult male and one juvenile that looks like he's going to be male as well)
    5 gold barbs
    1 leopard danio
    3 albino cories
    1 kuhli loach
    1 oto
    1 adult male bristlenose pleco

    Okay, so I know my stocking is a bit...weird. I can't get more leopard danios because no one around here carries them anymore and I really don't like zebra danios. IF I can find more leopard danios, I will add them, but if not, then my solo danio is fine by himself. I know I need more cories. I had four, but one died during the ich outbreak. I know I need more kuhlis. Again, I had five or six, but they died during the ich outbreak. I have never had luck with otos in groups and mine is out and about all the time, so I'm not really worried about him. SO, other than adding another cory or two, I'm trying to figure out what else I want to add. I keep the tank at 78F, by the way, so tropicals are fine. I'm thinking I want to up my gold barb school. I really like them, but they can be little jerks, so I think upping the school might settle them down a little. I was also wanting to add a featherfin because I lost mine in the ich outbreak and I already miss him. Could I add anything else? I'm used to this tank being FULL of activity and now it just seems so...empty.
  2. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    Have you thought of the possibility of Blue Rams with your GBR or Blue Balloon Rams, or even a Gold Ram to mix it up a little bit?
  3. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    Wendy, I can't get anything but GBRs...and they're almost impossible to find. The female that I picked up was the first GBR I have seen in my area in over two years. Not even exaggerating. Petsmart had them for like a week, but they all died due to ich. Other than that, the LFS is the only place that has carried them and, like I said, the last time they had them was over two years ago. Add to that that I'm not a huge fan of the color morphs, and there ya go. lol I'm weird like that. I don't like most of the color mophs of angelfish, either. I prefer a nice silver zebra/altum-type (although I did have a VERY nice little black angel for a while).
  4. Crimsonbull57 Member Member

    You certainly know your stuff! For the 20 Long since its planted and well filtered I think you could do 10 Harlequins. Be careful adding a male Ram, just because he's a male doesn't mean they will pair up and be friendly. One may harass the other to death. It happened with my "pair" of Bolivian Rams.
    Not sure as far as a bottom feeder. Perhaps look at other loaches such as chain loaches. But you don't really Need a bottom fish if you get the clown Pleco and keep the cherries. You could get some Nerite Snails to handle Algae.
    Just my thoughts.
  5. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    Thanks, Crimson. Yeah, I've been in a the hobby for a few years. Main reason I ask for thoughts on my stocking plans is 'cuz I like other people's opinions. Never know, they may know of something that would look cooler than what I have planned. :p

    I can always put the male ram into the 55gal if he harasses Summer (my female ram) too much.

    Again, I'm kind of limited on what I can get around here...which I hate. The only loaches that anyone around me carries with any regularity are clown loaches, black kuhli loaches, and angelicus botia. I found yoyo loaches once at Walmart as a complete fluke. They weren't supposed to have them, so I bought the four they had right away. I only had one that survived and he was fine until the ich outbreak in the 55gal.
  6. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    To bad the GBR's are so hard to get where you are. I have a really good source for them... although they are expensive. Believe it or not the Blue Balloon Rams are $25.00 and the GBR's are $11.00. You better make sure you have a stable tank before you buy them. LOL.
  7. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    My female ram was $6.99. Really not that bad, compared to some places I've heard. :) I really wish I had more than the one LFS or that the LFS I do have carried more fish. *sigh*
  8. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    Why don't you have them shipped to you? I did it once and the fish were in perfect shape when they got here.
  9. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    Because shipping is ridiculously expensive and I'm on a tight budget.
  10. Crimsonbull57 Member Member

    Shipping can be expensive, but so can gas!
    Another fish you may want to look into is rummy nose tetras. Probably my favorite schooling fish. Just need soft water which I don't have. They look great in a 20L or bigger. But I can understand if you hooked on the Harliequins
  11. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    My LFS has rummynose and I do like them, but I don't think for this tank. I don't want something that is going to compete size-wise with the ram(s) (since the GBR is technically the focal point of the tank) and the rummies I've seen are much bigger than my ram.

    And as far as gas versus shipping...I'd have to drive to Phoenix (90 miles south of where I live) in order to get ANY selection at all for fish...which is pretty much comparable to shipping. lol