30 Gallon Tank Ram bullying other fish.


I've been wanting to ease myself into cichlids with the more 'peaceful' species. A guy was giving away pairs of mikrogeophagus ramirezi for free, a great opportunity. I quarantined as usual and the male was chasing the female so she could not eat. No worries. When quarantine was over I put them in different tanks.
She is a sweet angel and is finally putting on weight. He is the problem. It's been a week and the more 'comfortable' he gets the worse his behaviour becomes. It centers around food. He actively bites and chases my other fish. No matter how I feed he patrols the tank and chases them. I've tried blocking lines of sight, feeding him first and it's always the same. It's a shame because he is an absolutely beautiful fish...but his personality is demonic lol
Temp is 81f 28c...nitrates are below 5 and my ph is 6.8. it's a 3ft tank...and he's the only cichlid with honey gourami guppy's and Cory's. The lady is in a similar set up and is super sweet.
I am totally out of ideas and I'm thinking of just rehoming him.
Wanted to know what more experienced people thought.


That's cichlids for you. Nothing unusual. But there is a chance you got two males or two females and not a pair.
If this behaviour is too aggressive for you, you really might want to rehome it.
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I decided I am going to keep him..he is just expressing his natural behaviour after all and I don't want him to go to someone who won't look after him.
I took a risk and put him in my homebred male guppy tank. I was worried because they are long finned they would be vulnerable but they are super confident and fearless fish. It's been a few days and he fits in great, they aren't scared of him so he can't chase and nip them. He also has the bottom of the tank to himself now.
If anyone can confirm if he is indeed male that would be great for future reference.

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