55 Gallon Tank Raising Convict Fry


How big should Convict fry be when added to a 55 Gallon with other Cichlids in it?
I bought 3 Convict fry for my 55 Gallon tank. I have other Cichlids in the 55 which are at least 2" or bigger. I have the three fry in my community tank right now so they can get a little bigger because I want to put them in the 55. I have a Small Female Convict around 2 or 2.5 inches in the 55 now. How big should my baby fry be when added to the 55? And when will I be able to tell what of the three fry are females and males?


HI Denman,
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What other types of cichlids do you have in your 55gallon??...Convicts are VERY aggressive when breeding so it might not be a good idea to but them in there..Certain cichlids just won't get along so knowing what your 55 has in it will be a good start.
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In there now are 1 Columbian Shark, At least 3 Africans, 1 Convict, and the other two I am not sure of. Ill put a picture of them in my album. On is Black with a yellow top fin, and then other is black with a blue strip down the body. Ill post them now with a question mark.


No, african cichilds are way to aggressive and will eat the fry.
You shouldn't have africans in the same tank as convicts. African cichilds are not compatable with any other cichilds from anywhere in the world.

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