Raising baby angelfish

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    I have just ordered from another forum member several baby angels that are pea sized or less. I'm going to use a 29 gallon as a grow out tank. The parameter are on my profile but are 77F, PH 7.6, KH 4, Am 0, Ni 0, Na <20. I'm looking for as much advice as possible to keep them doing great so I can keep them all thriving. Just throw it out there, no matter how obvious. I've gotton some advice and it will help to have this thread to refer too. The water changes are going to be 40% with buffered RO. What kind of food should I give them? Thanks all.

    I need to do as large as possible water changes every day.
    Can I crush my shrimp pellets up and feed them along with crushed flake food?
    Also, how many times per day and how much?
    There are bubble stones in the tank, can they stay?
    I don't have a spray bar on the filter, does that matter?
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    hi just saw your post... hows everyone doing? did you ever get any help?
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    In my grow out tank I use those bubble sponge filters only, In the past i have found to many of my baby angels getting stuck to the intake pipe on the aqua clear or getting sucked right into the filter. Water changes every other day and a bare bottom tank for easy clean up, Tempature should be about 80 they seem to grow faster with warmer water. crushed flake food NLS and frozen spirulina brine shrimp by Hikari. Feeding 3 to 4 times per day