Rainbows And Glow Lights

  1. B3tta fishy

    B3tta fishy Valued Member Member

    3CC3B6F1-FBE6-4E2E-AF70-BE6A49AE95FA.jpeg 927B260C-B011-4213-B006-7CAA8505E933.jpeg 5719C511-069F-4E18-8796-B057F7949B7B.jpeg Hello! I thought I’d share this with u lol. So today I added 4 (getting more) glow light tetras to my 37 gallon that have been in quarantine 2 weeks prior to adding. There’s a pearl gourami, clown pleco, and 2 dwarf rainbows (getting more) in it. When I first added them, the male rainbow was chasing the tetras everywhere but now they are all friends and school together lol. It’s so cute. Srry for the bad pics lol. Also they tank looks kinda dirty but it’s not, it’s the algae lol. I clean it but I always miss an important spot lol
  2. Mazeus

    Mazeus Well Known Member Member

    Lovely! I am hankering after some rainbows.
  3. t

    tjander Well Known Member Member

    Looks good to me. I don’t like the glow tetras as I don’t think but that’s a matter of personal ideology.

    I do like the Rainbow fish and really like the dwarf neon’s