Rainbowfish Sex change?


I have 3 millennium rainbows right now. When I bought them I had two females and one male. Over time, it would appear one of the females has turned male. However, now that means I have two males and one female. Why did the fish change sexes when there was already a male in the tank?

The males are on the left side of the photo. The darker red was the already established male with the paler one being the sex change.


Could've been a late male... Not all specimens show their real gender at the same pace.


I have a glowlight tetra who I thought was a male for two months. It even tried mating with other females. Then it decided to show that it's a female! I love her. Even though I know she's a girl now, I still call her by her original name: Mr. Decrepit (she had really bad recurring fungus right after I got her and only has half her gill plates now. I thought she was going to die so many times).
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