Rainbow Threadfin/Featherfin- Colorful?


I'm thinking of ordering 8 Rainbow Featherfins from Aquahuna for my 29 gallon tank (I have 8 panda corys and velvet shrimp) but some photos show them as really colorful. In other photos they look so drab.

Does anyone have these fish? If so, are they very colorful?
Also, after adding 8 featherfins to my tank along with the cories, could I still add more fish?


Males are colorful and display to each other often. I also bought 8 from aquahuna but they were all males, after looking at their photos they all appear to be males. Fine for someone who just wants them in a display but I wanted to breed them, plus males display better when there are females around.

Also you can definitely add more fish to your 29gal, I suggest a species of nano rasboras.


Pseudomulgils should also work well with Featherfins.

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