Rainbow Shark Food?

Discussion in 'Rainbow Shark' started by stylzofctb, May 27, 2019.

  1. stylzofctb

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    I have had a rainbow shark in my community tank for a while now, and he has over doubled in size, seems happy and hangs out with his tank mates, but i have never really seen him eat anything. Obviously he has been eating but my question is what? Is there anything i can feed that he would enjoy himself? I already have pleco wafers and shrimp wafers but he doesnt seem much interested in those or the seaweed i feed my pleco either. 20190526_221627.jpg
  2. KnownSyntax

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    Try feeding some meaty based foods (sinking pellets, wafers, or even others in the tank don’t eat that, flakes can work too). Are there any other tank mates? I’m sure he could be eating their food when you aren’t looking, or possibly just eating whatever gets left over after feeding or during the night (mine used to be more active and willing to eat during the evening/dusk than when the light was on in the tank fully).
  3. Phantomlord399

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    I always see mine eating. He loves the flakes I feed my other fish. I also see him foraging around the gravel and on the decorations. Yours is clearly eating so why worry about it?
  4. SuperD14

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    I know red tail sharks are vegetarian, I drop the veggie pellets in just before lights out to stop the other fish eating them, he doesn’t come out and attack them just swims right past. In the morning he has a fat belly of course.
  5. Mendellen

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    I always fed mine algae wafers and sinking shrimp pellets. Bottom feeders are usually a bit slower eaters. You can try sinking larvae as well, bottom feeders usually love that. Depending on the shark they may eat more at night, if its not eating during the day I would food in before lights out.

    It does look well fed and healthy though so I would say what you are doing now is working well.
  6. OP

    stylzofctbNew MemberMember

    Thanks i will try to feed some when the lights get closer to sunset (24 hr cycle lights) He is kinda chubby tbh, but at least i know hes not starving lol
  7. Mendellen

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    I don't think he's chubby, he looks good. And deep colour too which is a good sign.