Rainbow Shark Aggression

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  1. hyun007

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    Hmmm...I am thinking of getting rid of mine.
    It is nearly 5inches.
    Only saw it chasing the rosy barbs.
    Seem to leave the panda cory and black and neon tetra alone.

    Should I do it now or wait till the first casulty???
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    Hello hyun007.

    I have moved your post to a thread of it's own. You had posted in someone's thread and it was a bit old. This will help you to get more responses.

    If you would be so kind as to complete your Aquarium Profile information it will be a great help to others and will help in aiding with their responses. Without more knowledge on your tank or tanks it's difficult to lend advice.

  3. peacemaker92

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    I'd suggest to move it to it's own tank now before it kills any of your other fish. We don't want any casualties. Best of luck! :)
  4. Sammyboi1993

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    My Shark Occasionally chases but iv never had any casualties invoving him and he is nearly 8 years old :)

    If your worried move him 2 a seperate tank or make sure they have places to hide because i know my enjoys hiding behind my driftwood and in a ornamental cast.
  5. OP

    hyun007Valued MemberMember

    Attached are the pictures of the pot that I mentioned.
    It is consist of 2 layers due to another plant pot in the center.
    You can not really see the deeper bottom, it is about an arm length deep.
    The top layer is a good hiding place for baby fish but it patrol by the glofish as well. It is also a eggs laying venue for damselfly and hence it reduce chance of surviving fish fry.

    The bottom layer are planted with plants and a small ornamental for the rainbow shark(no idea whether it is using it.)

    The Rainbow only chase the Rosy every once in a while.
    They all get along well during feeding time except the Neon Tetra which is aggressive against each other.

    Fish inside the pot are,

    -3 Rosy Barbs
    -3 Tiger Barbs
    -5 Black Neon Tetra
    -3 Neon Tetra
    -5 Glofish
    -5 Panda Cory
    -1 Rainbow Shark
    -1 Transparent Shrimp (I thought it was dead but it have grown to an adult)

    They have been 1 casualty of a zebra danio which disappear without a trace recently(most probably eaten by the shrimp when it died), the day I was back(was away for 15 days and my friend was doing the feeding, he is an excessive feeder!!!) was the last time I saw it, it belly was hugemongous. Could it be overfeeding by my friend or .....???

    10% water are added every 3-4days due to the fast evaporation.
    Excess algae on water plant are clean by hand every week.

    Surviving baby fry that was spotted and taken out(they breed in there, so it is a good sign???) taken out from the pot :
    2 Tiger Barbs
    6 Rosy Barbs
    3 glofish
    1 Tiger barbs and 2 Rosy manage to grow to 1 cm inside the pot before I spotted them and decide to transfer them to huge jar.

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  6. BeavisMom62

    BeavisMom62New MemberMember

    I'm confused. You keep all of those fish in a plant pot? How big is it? How do you filter it? Is it heated? Do you keep it outside? Im intrigued.
  7. LyndaB

    LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

    You have a 5 inch rainbow shark in a flower pot? :confused:
  8. BeavisMom62

    BeavisMom62New MemberMember

    Thats what Im wondering Lynda. Not to mention 6 barbs, 8 tetras, 5 corys and 5 glofish! It must be one big pot! You can't tell from the picture. And keeps fry in a jar? I really am confused.