Rainbow Platy (los Angeles)


Got ~9 platy fry that are about to reach sexual maturity. Mom is a rainbow platy shown below, partner unknown. If you're looking for a specific gender, I can try keeping them for you until that becomes apparent, just want to know that there's a home waiting for them before I end up with more babies.
I also have at least 10 other platy fry that are younger, if anyone is interested in those.

It would make my day to get something useful in exchange. I'd take some leftover sand substrates (probably mixing, so even small quantities are fine), Vals, or Amazon frogbit.

I'd rather not ship them. Can exchange in the 90004 area, Pasadena, or anywhere in between.


Well I'm in NC , but I have some fancy guppy fry there all wild gray some are showing orange and pastel blue colors in the tail with black.

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