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I've found that angelfish tend to ignore other fish other than their own species. Get at least 3 that are small or medium. They grow up used to other tank mates and leave them alone. Just don't get more than 3. There are speices of tetras that would be nice that would be good in a school of 8 to 10 if they're relatively small, but stay away from the neon tetras. They have become so horribly inbred that they are almost guaranteed to get some type of disease. I'm not sure about loaches...heard they can get territorial, but a school of about 8 cory catfish all of the same species are entertaining since they school together keeping the bottom clear of uneaten food that dropped to the bottom past the upper and mid swimmers.
I am setting up a new 110 gallon tank and was thinking about getting some rainbow fish, but would like to know some good tank mates for them. Would some tetras or tiger Barbs work? Also would angels work?
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