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Discussion in 'Rainbowfish' started by Mike, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. SCGeordie

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    Some pics of my Boesemani Rainbows, considering they were from Petsmart and indistinguishable from the Australians Petsmart was also selling I think they coloured up nicely (same goes for the Harlequin Rasboras which were silver and black when I got them).

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  3. Per

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    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1414849914.167073.jpg
    This Is prob the best pic I have of them.
    All 6 of my praecox rainbows

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  4. Sarcasm Included

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    Shots of a few of my dominate males..
    Threadfin Rainbow
    Psuedomugil Gertrudae 'aru'
    Pseudomugil Paskai 'red neon'
    Pseudomugil Signifer

    Wish I had a better shot of Signifer or a shot of my Threadfin flashing, but they wouldn't cooperate.
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    Here are a few of my Rainbows. I love the species. Cool..active fish.

    IMG_3173.jpgIMG_3177.jpgIMG_3178.jpgIMG_3179.jpgIMG_3180.JPGIMG_3183 (1).JPG

    In order..Red Irian, Turquoise, Boesemanni, Marci and Emerald and the whole gang!! I just bought a Praecox Rainbow....he is a TOUGH one to get a picture of. I have not had much success with them..so we'll see how well he does. My Buenos Aries tetras seem to dislike him.

    . They are starting to get a lot of color!
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  6. RobM

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    Rhadinocentrus ornatus

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  7. JeffK

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    New Praecox Rainbows - my tank just became REAL active!

  8. 1972ford

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    Sorry the pic sucks but heres a picture of my favorite madagascar

  9. RobM

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    G. multisquamata Pagai (aka Red Eye Dragon)

  10. RobM

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    M. splendida Coomalie Crater

  11. RobM

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    M. affines Pagwi

  12. RobM

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    M. australis (Western Rainbow fish)

  13. RobM

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    Rhadinocentrus ornatus (Stradbroke Island) new_male_rhad_1.JPG
  14. RobM

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    M. maccullochi (Eubenangee Swamp)

  15. Kalyn

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    Australians, Turquoise and I've completely forgotten the name of the giant one.
  16. Strangerfish(:

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    20180108_092433.jpg20180108_091921.jpg20180108_092609.jpg 1st pic:Boesemani rainbowfish
    2nd and 3rd pic: another Boesemani
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    He is a couple of my rainbows in my 40 gallon planted tank :)510FD7C5-B8A7-4CD1-A529-338F21EFF1EA.jpeg3C5D5157-320E-4D45-8F52-DB6A8C53F81A.jpeg407E8B8D-65BE-4001-89D6-C111B0D4E487.jpeg0D24FB59-A0EB-47ED-BE28-021DD2E842C4.jpeg
  18. emeraldking

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    My Melanotaenia boesemani from my community tank...
    They're real gems in my community tank...
  19. DarkOne

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    Juvenile Boesemani
    2018-09-18 19.55.49.jpg

    Praecox fry (2 months old)
    2018-09-08 02.59.57.jpg

    Praecox, Boesemani and others.
    2018-08-26 21.05.45.jpg
  20. RobM

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    Melanotaenia sp. "Fletcher creek"