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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by dozermatt, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. dozermattNew MemberMember

    I just bought a pair little under a yr old rainbow cichlids for our 50 gallon tank... we have black ruby barbs few melon barbs 2 dwarf gourami 2 pearl gourami 2 blue rams and a rainbow shark
    they are still very skittish after almost a week they been hiding one under a log and one in the log we have in the tank been coming around more an more but any human face they are gone. when we put the blue light on at night and they come out an play in the bubblers but threw day just one comes out a little bit but very weary.... big problem is food they cant get the small pellets hence barbs so got bigger pellets that sink for them since they wont come out much still wouldn't so I place it right in front of them still wouldn't rams would pick it up an play with it in front of them and not a pass or try to pick it up
    should I go to blood worms or? scared there not eating and our barbs are going to be over weight don't know how I can get the female black ruby barbs from eating everything there already getting bigger

    thanks for any info
  2. hampalong

    hampalongWell Known MemberMember

    Hi. Rainbow Cichlids need hard alkaline water. If your water is soft, like Rams prefer, they won't do well.
  3. OP

    dozermattNew MemberMember

    my ph is good for them between 7-7.5
  4. Machine11Well Known MemberMember

    pH and hardness/softness are two different things.
    Hardness/softness refers to how many minerals etc are in the water, the more minerals the harder the water. Some fish require harder water as they absorb and use these minerals more for their ability to live/metabolise/breathe/etc.
    fish which don't need these minerals as much require softer water with less minerals in it

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    I'm no cichlid expert but my understanding is cichlids need a pH higher than 7.5 like about 8. But people do say that a stable pH is more important as fish will usually adapt to that pH

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  5. ricmcc

    ricmccWell Known MemberMember

    Rainbow cichlids are really quite adaptable to most non-extreme water parameters, and will thrive in mildly acidic to quite basic water, with a corresponding acceptance of a range of hardness values.
    Because they typically do not get very large in an aquarium, and more importantly, do not show typical cichlid aggression ( or attitude, as I prefer to call it), they may well be intimidated by your rainbow shark, as these can and do become increasingly territorial, and aggressive, and not just to conspecifics.
    While they are adjusting to their new home, I would suggest that you feed them sinking cichlid pellets (ones heavy on veg matter) at night, as you point out that they seem more at ease then, much in the manner that many catfish are fed.
    Also, while water parameters are of no great concern, water cleanliness is of great concern, so do frequent W/Cs.
    If they don't come 'round, you might temporarily rehouse the shark, and see if that makes a difference.--Best of luck, rick
  6. OP

    dozermattNew MemberMember

    thanks a lot some good info ricmcc my shark from what I seen isn't one bit territorial at all yet all fish kicked him outta all the caves an logs. only seen him aggressive one time when we put new tree root in he wanted all the bark...
    lol besides that I have seen my smallest fish the blue ram chase him away
    but might be different at night but mostly he swims around on his own all over the tank we wanted red tail shark but herd they were even more aggressive so went rainbow an from what we seen the 2 pearl gourami are the biggest bullies one wants the cave and ever since we put the rainbows in one pearl claims the cave but never used it before the rainbows came into the tank and if pearl sees him in the cave aint to long till rainbows out of cave..
    i thought with being the family the rainbows come from we were scared they be the bullies and wow never thought the pearls would be

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