Raggedy Tail =(


I must be a bad fishy mom cuz my boy Patriot's tail is getting all raggedy, can that happen from stress? Because a few days ago I bought a new fishy and put him on the other side of the divider and Patriot's been doing nothin but flaring at him.. Let's call the new guy "Red".. and Red of course like to taunt him.. so he goes over to the divider and waits for Patriot to come by and then zips away real fast.. then sneaks upto the divider again.. over and over =) it's kinda funny.. but i'm wondering if it's stressing my poor guy out.. Here's pictures =)

First picture is Patriot BEFORE
Second picture is Patriot TODAY
Third picture is Red =)


Wow, I had to take a second look, Crowntails are so good at hiding their fin damage

Anyways, do you have any "Stress Coat"? If not, purchase some! It's a water conditioner that not only removes chlorine (and if you get "Stress Coat +", then it also removes ammonia), but also reduces a fish's stress levels and promotes the regeneration of fins. All I have to say is keep that water very clean and add some stress coat every once in a while to help those fins heal up. My halfmoon is going through the same thing, poor little guys.
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OMG I know why he's losing his fins!!
He's biting his own tail!!
I caught him doing it!!
Bad fishy!!
He's probably doing it cuz he's mad that he can't reach the other fish..


you beat me to it! I was going to say that looks a lot more like biting than anything else, and considering that he's got another male next to him that would definitely seem like the answer. your best bet is probably going to be to get an opaque divider, black or dark blue, so that he can't see red


Beautiful Beta's! Hope he gets well soon!
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