R.I.P. Yellow Veil Angel fish :(

Woke up this morning to see that my beautiful Yellow Veil angelfish had passed away. I purchased it and a Marble veil angel just over a week ago and for the first 3 days they were doing just great. They enjoyed food and had good reflexes. There were no physical impedances or markings on either of the fish to indicate illness but about 3 days ago, the yellow veil had started to eat less and swim closer to the surface.

I had a suspicion that it had difficulty breathing or a low level of oxygen in the water a few day ago. Despite the fact that a week ago last Friday I had put and air stone in the tank to greatly increase the amount of oxygen in the water, the angel seemed to show signs of quite the opposite. All the other fish (including my red claw crab) had shown great signs of mobility, charisma and colour improvement with the assistance of the air stone. Including pristine water. It was only last night that I had realised that the angel was moving slower and eating much less than before.

My question is, although it is too late now to try and save the poor thing now, is there any piece of information that you could give me to help prevent this thing again?

Thanks for reading <: )
I'm sorry for your loss.

Is your aquarium info up to date? You show signs of ammonia and you shouldn't.

What are your current tank readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?

Since you only had the fish a week, it's possible that it was in a weakened state when you received it.

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