R.I.P. Unnamed Yellow Cobra Guppy

  1. WolfaraRose

    WolfaraRose Member Member

    So I got three male guppies today and put them in my 29 gallon tank with 1 golden wonder killifish, 2 ABFs, 1 BN pleco, 1 rainbow shark, and 6 corycats.

    The African Butterfly Fish weren't the problem. The killifish was, and proceeded to attack them whilst I was doing a water change and searching for a missing guppy. Pretty sure the killi killed it, then when it floated, the ABFs ate it. Meanwhile the remaining 2 guppies were being dragged across the tank by the killi. They are TATTERED. I immediately took them out, treated with Melafix, then acclimated them to my 20 gallon which is now a bit overstocked.

    I had done reading on the GW Killie and it said guppies shouldn't be a problem. Well that was shot. I hope the other 2 recover. :/
    BTW the guppies are bigger then the killi and ABFs mouth.

    Rest in peace little cobra guppy.

  2. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Wow, I have the gardnari killifish in two different community tanks and they don't bother anything-I will keep that in mind!
    Sorry for the loss and hope that those two make it! :(

  3. OP

    WolfaraRose Member Member

    Yeah was kinda upsetting since I was really excited for the guppies. Guppy 2 passed... the one that was dragged across the tank... the other one may be fine but only time will tell..