R.i.p Tamachan :(

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Professor Catfish, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Professor CatfishNew MemberMember

    Just a little memorial post for one of my Cory’s. I don’t think it could adjust to the tank having recycled, looked like late ammonia poisoning and eventual death over a couple of days :(
    My two Cory’s, two ottos and remaining shrimp are doing great, shrimps swimming all over the place like little fairies and everyone enjoying brine shrimp cuisine after a water change today ;p

    Today my nitrate is even down to 0 thanks to my plants. I’m going to add to the mu-tang shrimp clan and add 10 blood red shrimp beauties in a week or so. ^.^ IMG_0857.JPG
  2. DaleMWell Known MemberMember

    RIP Tamacham

    Are you going to add some more corys (same species as what you have) and some more otos eventually? They need a school of their own peeps, lol
  3. Professor CatfishNew MemberMember

    Yeah, I have room for 4 and have lost 2. So I’m keen to get them more friends, my cories and ottos shoal together. Something ottos do in nature to feel safe since corie types have spines that predators are less likely to go for. Fish trivia bam. It’s so adorable and it works for us ^.^
    I’d rather have atleast 6 but I don’t have the room.

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