R.I.P. Mrs Swordtail

  1. Stuart42

    Stuart42 Member Member

    Today I lost my female Hi-fin Swordtail. July 7 would have been her one year anniversary in my tank. She looked great no sign of illness an was always out to eat.

    About an hour before she passed i saw her sitting on the bottom of the tank. I though she may have been getting ready to give birth but when I came back to the tank a few minutes she was up and swimming. it was at this time I saw my male Opaline Gourami come in and hit her in the side with his mouth. I did not see any damage on her.

    The male Opaline Gourami has been a little rough with the two female Opaline Gourami past few days (also no damage). I think one is egg bound and neither female want any thing to do with him right now so I do not blame him for what happened.

    A little while latter it could have not been more then 15 minutes Mrs. Swordtail was on the bottom of the tank dead. One little bright sport was that when retrieving Mrs. Swortail i was able to rescue a swordtail fry.

    I saw fry in the tank on June 19 but could not catch any. I had not seen since so i figured they were all eaten. Now that he/she is safe in the breeder net i hope I can grow him up and he/she can be Mrs. Swordtails legacy.

    Here is a picture of her, she is silver and orange.

    Hi-fin swordtail.jpg

  2. Tonia

    Tonia Well Known Member Member

    So sorry to hear about your loss. She was a lovely fish.
  3. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm so sorry. She was beautiful!

    Good luck with her baby.
  4. OP

    Stuart42 Member Member

    Thank you to every one for there kind comments. Baby swordtail is doing well. It hard to believe that he can hid from me in the breeder net with just some Java moss and duck weed for cover.

    Edit: Just a couple of minutes ago I spotted a second swordtail fry. No chance to catch him because he quickly diapered into the java moss and amazon sword root covering the bottom of the tank. He is already about 5 mm long so if he keeps hidden for the next few weeks he should be big enough to be off the menu for the rest of the tank.