Quite a few questions to ask, could do with some advice thanks :)

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    I have had my 16 gallon (64 litre) freshwater tropical tank set up for almost a year now and have made some mistakes during this time. The initial set up was okay and I sorta figured out the nitrogen cycle as my tank was cloudy for a while and once cleared I added my first 3 mollies. My molly fish (1 male 2 female) were very happy and had a ton of babies, whom I found new loving homes for. Both females have recently died and so I am currently left with a lone male molly and my bottlenose pleco. I am now at a point where I'd like to experience new fish so here are my questions:

    1) Any stocking ideas for my tank as present? Ideally I would like to steer clear of livebearers as I don't want the overcrowding issue I have just overcome.

    2) I am also looking at changing my gravel over, would this be best done very gradually for example changing a small section of gravel per week?

    3) I would like to add some more live plants, I had a go with them when I first had the tank before I knew how beneficial they were and got fed up of them. What plants would be best for my tank? Do certain fish like certain plants?

    4) I would like some cory cats however I worry my BN pleco will become territorial and I don't want to upset him.

    Thank you for reading :) Sorry it's so long!

    Hannah x
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    Welcome to FishLore!

    1) I would recommend maybe a school (5+) of a small or medium-sized tetra, like the rummynose or black phantom. Some like the Congo tetra will grow too large to keep a school in a 16 gallon.

    2) I honestly have not switched gravel before, but that would be the way I would do it, mainly as to not stress the fish out. Maybe in fourths? I don't really think it matters a ton, though, because 99% of your bacteria live in your filter.

    3) I don't really think fish have a preference of plants, unless you count the ones that raise/lower pH. I'm actually new to plants as well, but ones that are beautiful and are very easy to care for are water wisteria, red ludwigia, and java ferns, among many others. I have all three in my tank.

    4) I have not tried putting any other bottom feeders with my pleco (I have a butterfly gold-spot pleco) but there is a chance that he would get aggressive and territorial, especially in a smaller tank like yours. I personally would recommend against it, but some other member who has had experience with this will come by and correct me if I'm wrong.