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Discussion in 'Guppy' started by EmilyFish, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Hi, I'm new to keeping tropical fish. After setting up my aquarium over a week ago with a filter, heater and air pump, I bought myself 2 male guppies and followed the correct procedure for introducing them into the tank. I was first advised not to get guppies because apparently they're 'a bit delicate', but since I only ever planned to have guppies, I came home with them.
    At first they were a bit stressed out, jumping at the slightest movement, etc, which was to be expected. I left them alone for a couple of hours in the dark, then turned the light on and gave them a bit of food, which they ate. A few more hours later, they were constantly active, switching between charging around the tank, searching for food at the top, and flirting with each other. The second day was the same, though less energetic.
    Then today, they've been very quiet. One was letting itself be carried around the tank by the water currents, but seemed okay, the other hovering near the top. Later on they were both sitting at the top in a corner and barely leaving it. They're swimming well, but not doing anything else.
    I'm a bit worried I've dived into this with too little experience. I've been reading about pH balances and correct temperatures and the tank's nitrogen cycle, but I don't have any test kits :S So could it be the state of my water, or something as simple as there's no females to occupy their time?
    I'd really appreciate a bit of advice :)
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    Guppies are very active fish, if they are quite as you say, it's not a good sign. Is your filter cycled? If it's not, or if you never heard such a thing, go buy something to instant cycle your filter. Some good products are Seachem Stability, Tetra SafeStart and Sera Nitrivec. Please make sure to understand the nitrogen cycle and change 30% of water every other day. Good luck :)
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    I came home today and they're happy again! Actively swimming around the tank and their tails are fanned out again and everything!
    I bought some test strips last night and the test I've just done says the only thing out of the safe zone is the level of chlorine, so I've added a bit more of the stuff to treat that. I'll test it again tomorrow to check if there's any change and keep an eye on their behaviour, but for now they seem to have perked up on their own :D