Quick (terrifying) story about ADF's

  1. KyleMarie Member Member

    So, I think we all know that African Dwarf Frogs need to be in a tank with a lid because they can jump. For that reason my tank has a lid. However, whenever I go over to the tank to hand-feed them their frozen foods, I take the lid off.

    Flashback to a week or two ago, I went to go feed my little froggies. I took the tank lid off, and one of my little guys jumped straight out of the tank. He landed on the desk, and I went to try to catch him, but he just hopped away onto my floor. So here I am freaking out because I can't find this tiny frog on my dark blue carpeted floors, and I'm scared he's going to dry out and die. I start crying because I'm imagining myself months from now finding a poor little frog skeleton on the ground. I threw everything around my desk into the hallway and I searched and searched and I couldn't find anything. Five minutes later I had just about given up when I saw my cat (on the other side of the room), slapping at something on the ground. She wasn't being rough or anything, but it was almost like she was pointing him out to me. I ran over, saw it was my frog, captured him and I immediately threw him back into the tank water. He was alive, pretty frantic and darting all over the tank, and shedding very badly. I was worried for him so for the next few days I kept and eye on him.

    Thankfully he's all better now, but it was honestly a terrifying experience and I've been scared to feed them ever since! I just wanted to share!!
  2. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh wow! that must have been so scary! I am glad he is ok and you found him! And also glad that your kitty didn't hurt him :)

    At least now you have a great story to tell :)
  3. KyleMarie Member Member

    I gave my cat so many treats after for being the hero! I was so scared for him, but he seems to be doing great. I'm just much more cautious whenever its time to feed him now.
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  5. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    That is scary! It's a good thing you found him.
    One of mine escaped several years ago. I was lucky enough to spot him hopping across the rug.

    They can get surprisingly far from their tank in a short amount of time.
  6. marijo Well Known Member Member

    Glad you found your frog and that she is doing ok and thanks kitty for your help!
  7. KyleMarie Member Member

    Hahaha, yes thanks to my kitty!