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Keep glowlight tetras with guppies

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  1. bNissan

    bNissan Valued Member Member

    Do you think that guppies and a small shoal of 8ish glowlight tetras would get along well? A friend was going to flush his and I took them in. It looks like they are temperature compatible but I wanted to get an alternate opinion. The 45 gallon long is plenty big for the bio load.

    Also I plan on adding red cherry shrimp in the future.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. aquatickeeper

    aquatickeeper Fishlore VIP Member

    I believe they would get along well. You can add more fish other than the guppies and glowlight tetras though.
  3. OP

    bNissan Valued Member Member

    The original plan was to do a more diverse community, but my computer crapped out and as a drafting major currently attending university I had to divert my fish funds elsewhere =P

    I was kinda hoping that once my guppies and shrimp started breeding the finances tied into the tank would become relatively self sustaining.
  4. goplecos

    goplecos Well Known Member Member

    That would work fine, but make sure you add in some new guppies every 3 generartions or so to prevent inbreeding.
  5. OP

    bNissan Valued Member Member

    thanks for the tip!
  6. goplecos

    goplecos Well Known Member Member

    Your welcome. I have a 29 gallon and I rarely add new fish, because I have all livebearers. Even then I usually get free babies from petsmart.
  7. BettaPonic

    BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    I am with you Livebearers rule. I have livebearer colonies in all my tanks. Although I don't cross them. I just let them freely breed. Shrimp probably won't be able to breed. The youngins will get eaten. If you want the fry to make it make sure you have cover. You would get a few more and parent inbreeding. One thing that happens to me and other people is the Guppies turn into feeder types. They still look pretty, but in a different way.