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  1. JamieXPXP Well Known Member Member

    is it safe to use the calcium blocks for turtles for snails? my mom bought me one because she wanted to help me find something to use as a source of calcium because my snails wont eat veggies. i am using egg shells right now but my mom probably doesnt want me to waste the eggs or something. this is the one she got me from the store. sorry if it is in the wrong place but wanted to make sure it is ok to use before i put it in my tank lol
  2. emmysjj Member Member

  3. JamieXPXP Well Known Member Member

    Yeah I've tried cuttlebone but it didn't really help. The eggshells seem to be doing something but I want to know if I can use the block my mom bought me because I would hate to waste it
  4. Wraithen Well Known Member Member

    It's safe to use. Probably won't do much more than a cuttlebone would

  5. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    Use calcium rich foods to insure the snails get enough for their shells.
  6. JamieXPXP Well Known Member Member

    lol tried that but snails wont even touch them. i can only get them to eat wafers and pellets
  7. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    Get a mineral rich wafer or pellets, calcium foods can be made by you (look up snail jello), you can make up a batch of wafers (crush up current wafers, add in a binding agent and extra calcium, then bake until crisped).

  8. JamieXPXP Well Known Member Member

    yeah i will have to try and find calcium rich pellets or wafers but isnt easy to find something like that. i will start making some wafers or jello until i can find vitamin rich food for them. thanks!
  9. fissh Well Known Member Member

    I use calcium pellets by "Ken's fish food" and all my shrimp, snails and pleco love it. It's about the only thing I feed my cardinal shrimp and they thrive on it.