quick question on pvc caves

  1. ivonko

    ivonko Valued Member Member

    hey guys quick question

    i finished my pvc caves, they are almost fully cured. had a question, im doing a fishless cycling in my 30 long as many of you know, do you think it will be fine to just rinse the caves when they are done and put them in (no fish in the tank) or should i still go with the 24 hours in tap water? i just dont see the difference seeing that the filters will take out anything that comes off of them and by the time the fish come in it will be a few weeks after the install anyway

  2. S

    SJ408 New Member Member

    You might as well just let them soak in a bucket for a day if you're really worried about it. When I made PVC pipes, I let it dry up and then dropped them in. No problems:p
  3. OP

    ivonko Valued Member Member

    thanks :) im gonna give them tonight to make sure they are completely dry then decide what to do tomorrow lol