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Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by ThumpoftheDead, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. ThumpoftheDead

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    I have 5.5 gal and 20 gal. Slightly unrelated, I also have a small corn snake and I read somewhere that they like changes of scenery once in awhile, and I'm wondering if my fish would benefit from the same thing. I look at ranks as something like a blank canvas for art so I've grown attached to the setups, however...
    I have just 2 Apple snails cleaning the 5.5 gal because I don't know of any good algae eaters that could live in such a small space. And there's a CAE in the 20 gal, which is newer but the 5.5 always looks a lil grungier. If I switch some plants around would that give some more algae for my CAE and a little load of my snails to-do list? I'm about to do my w/c and the thought occurred to me.

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  2. TexasDomer

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    The CAE will quickly outgrow the 20 gal and they can be aggressive. You should rehome him and get a small, more peaceful algae eater (such as otocinclus!) or upgrade him to a larger tank. They also don't eat algae when they're adults, so they're not great algae eaters anyway.

    Rearranging the tank can provide new stimulus - something new to explore!
  3. OP

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    I'm aware of my problem with the CAE. I bought him probably almost a year ago when I only had the 5.5 gal and PetSmart told me, he'd be just fine for that! I was very much a noob at the time, so I foolishly believed them. I recently got the 20 gal cuz it was all I could afford for the time for him and the ridiculous surplus of guppies I've been gifted/cursed with.
    And most unfortunate is that thanks to PetSmart and Petco driving all the LFS out business around and in my town, I've got no one to sell or even trade fish with. If I haven't had him so long not that I even have his receipt, I would have gladly exchanged him long ago. And i don't have any friends/relatives who also keep fish. I'd gladly trade for and Otto (I just looked it up they are pretty cute) and so far my CAE hasn't grown much at all since I bought him, maybe just a lil thicker, but I know what's to come eventually...and thankfully, he hasn't been aggressive. He occasionally stakes out his territory but I can't blame him when there's so many guppies in the way lol.

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  4. Dom90

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    I heard Petco does trade-ins for 1/3 of the sell price somewhere but I dont know if they actually do it or not.
  5. aliray

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    How about trying Craigslist? Alison
  6. DanB80TTS

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    As far as I'm aware, changing the decor around would only switch up territory for certain fish.
    If you have a territorial fish and intend on adding another somewhat territorial fish it would be smart to switch up the tank decor so the territories can be reestablished for each fish.

    Hopefully that makes some sense