Quick Ich Question In My Qt Tank


Bought some otocinclus and immediately put them in QT in the hopes of sometime being able to put them in my display tank.They developed Ich after about a week. I'm in the process of treating them now with a medication that worked well for me in the past.
My quick question is... Once I've noticed all the ich is gone from the fish when can I finally transfer these guys to my display tank. I'm eager to have my little friends meet each other at last, but also I don't want to rush anything and make anyone in my display tank sick.


continue to treat the fish for 6-10 days after you see the ich go away.

This diagram shows how fast ich moves at 75 degrees, higher it moves quicker, making it less likely to survive as it weakens with heat.
Lower makes it slower and sometimes appear dormant.

A lot of people say 10 days is the best.
Ich can only be killed by medication in it's free swimming stage.


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