Quick climbing snails question.

  1. GoldenKillifish Member Member

    So my baby mysteries are in a floating breeder and all but one have decided to climb to lid and hang there. My water parameters are good except ph is slightly acidic which I've been working on. It's possible they are being weird because the bigger they get the more active they are. However I'm paranoid because unknown thing killed two adults and third adult is barely hanging on.
  2. sunshine2012 Member Member

    What are your parameters so we know what to give you for advice?
  3. beavlee123 Member Member

    Do you gravel vac? They could be in a pile of their own poop. My water came out black last week. But I have over 200 mystery snails :\
  4. GoldenKillifish Member Member

  5. sunshine2012 Member Member

    Maybe doing a gravel vac and upping the PH a little would help. I noticed that with my snails that it helped. What are you feeding them? They could also be lacking calcium in their diet.
  6. GoldenKillifish Member Member

    They are eating blanched collard greens. The highest calcium veggie I could find
  7. sunshine2012 Member Member

    Ok so I would try a gravel vac and upping the PH a little
  8. Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    You shouldnt add chemicals to change your ph.
    Assuming thats what you're talking about..
  9. sunshine2012 Member Member

    No not at all
  10. Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    Does the OP know that? Lol..
  11. sunshine2012 Member Member

    Water changes, good aeration, driftwood, rocks, crushed coral and I'm not sure and I'm sure someone will say something for the next one is baking soda (not sure if it's safe)
  12. GoldenKillifish Member Member

    I'm using baking soda and water changes.
  13. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    Baking soda is supposed to be safe in small amounts. Not a risk I've personally wanted to take. I'd suggest crushed coral instead. Not driftwood, that will push it the other direction.
  14. Pringlethesnail Well Known Member Member

    Limestone works really well too. Our bedrock is limestone and our well water comes out with insanely high ph.
  15. GoldenKillifish Member Member

    Have always used baking soda in tank with fish and haven't seen any warnings about invertebrates and baking soda so should be fine. My tap water is hard so not sure what's causing acidic water.