Quick Before the Mods come v. 3.0

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    Courtesy of @Angelbear

    The challenge is to count as high as we can before a moderator come to the thread to post. What I mean by counting is that in you post you would post a number......example this is the first post so I would put 1. The following person would then post 2 and so on and so forth. If a moderator pops in and makes a post then everything starts back over at 1.

    Current Record 261. - updated 07/12/14


    1. No back to back posting

    2. Skip a number and it is an automatic restart to one

    3.Repeated numbers. Just continue to the next number to keep the flow. Its bound to happen with rapid fire posting. Ex 1 2 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 8

    4. Have fun.

    5. The mod has to post a form of the word or number zero, not just post.

    You can also talk and have fun just don't forget to number you post.
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