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I posted this in the "Resize your Photos Online" thread but I thought it might get seen better here. If the double-post is not OK, just let me know, I'm very new here!

I have to share a lot of pics. I'm a busy G and can't be bothered with lengthy processes so, my secret is:


Want a quick and dirty way to resize s? I do graphic design and I resize lots of things for quick sharing on social media, clients or whatever and I don't always feel like going through all the hullabaloo of adjusting the size and then saving it and blah blah blah... so I just open the on my computer (any program that reads s will do, even your web browser!), zoom in or out visually on the to make it a nice size on my screen, and take a screen shot!

To take a screen shot on MacOS it's Shift+Cmd+3 to copy the entire screen OR, more usefully, Shift+Cmd+4 to take a shot of a portion of the screen that you choose. The screen shot is then saved as a PNG file (usually on the desktop)

On Windows there is a program that comes with Windows called Snipping Tool. that lets you do the same thing. The screen shot is saved as a JPG file. I think the default file path is your "Pictures" folder, but I have mine set to save to the Desktop. On my Windows 10 device I can hit Shift+Win+4 to bring up the program fast. I'm not sure about other Windows versions.

Screenshots also work on smartphones, different brands of phones use different key combinations for taking a screen shot (you'll have to look up your own phone) but for my Samsung Note Android phone it's Home+Power. This is helpful because I have my camera set to full HD, and my files are much to large for sharing in text messages, etc... so I take a screenshot of the photo. It goes into a folder in my phone's Gallery handily named "Screenshots."

Instagram and social media programs are another way to automatically resize s, especially if you have adjusted your Instagram settings to save a copy of what you upload.

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