Questions re New 5 Gallon Tank

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    darinfox New Member Member

    For Christmas, my son received a 5 gallon Eclipse Hex 5 tank. This is our first tank, and the tank has been running / occupied for 3 weeks. We have 2 male Mollies in it, one gold and one black. The current levels are Ammonia .25; Nitrite .5; and Nitrate 10. However, about 5-6 days ago (which is the first time I tested the water), the Nitrite and Nitrate levels were off the chart. I started doing daily 20% water changes (being careful with the temperature), and finally on Saturday the levels dropped to the current levels, probably due to Amquel - before that I had been using Aquasafe. I also started adding some salt a few days ago. I have 3 questions for you all.

    1. With the levels mentioned above, do I need to do more water changes, or should I leave it be for a while?

    2. I would like to add just a couple more fish. Should I add a bottom feeder, like a Cory catfish? or should I add one more gold and one more black Molly to be a companion for the others? Enough room for all 5?

    3. The gold molly seems to bottom-sit sometime. The black one doesn't. Is this normal behavior, or is it due to the conditions over the past couple weeks.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Your mollies have probably been stressed due to the water conditions. Your readings now are tolerable, and it sounds like your cycle is doing well. Do not add any more fish until the tank is completely cycled. More fish will add more ammonia to the tank, and not only will it stress out everyone in the tank, your cycle will take longer. Corys don't do well in a tank that is cycling. ;)
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    Also Corys don't do well with salt ;)