Questions On Setting Up My Saltwater Tank

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Guineagirl, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Guineagirl

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    So I am setting up my first saltwater tank, BUT I am still deciding on the overall tank. I know larger tanks are easier to balance, but I have balanced smaller tanks for a while now and would prefer to stay 30g and below right now. So I have to potential tanks a long 25g, and a tall hexagon-shaped 15-20 gallon? I would prefer to use the tall, but would this tank actually be ok as a small reef set up with one or two fish? If so what fish would be best? And are there any major differences between the filters and heaters used for Freshwater tanks vs Saltwater tanks? I have done some research but would love to hear yall's opinions.
    Thanks again

    (Note: Having issues with phone and can't post pics)
  2. JtheFishMan

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    For nano saltwater tanks, a pair of clownfish is always a great starter!
  3. Tony_097

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    You will be better of with a long 25 it just has more space which makes stocking the tank more flexible. A good heater is always in need if it fails your tank will more than likely crash and a good heater is not that expensive ehiem heaters are preety good. I got a 100 watt eheim heater for 25 bucks at a petco.
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    The taller one might be OK for a firefish.

    Typically in a smaller reef tank filtration is mostly achieved with live rock and a sock or floss filter.

    If you do fish only with live Rock (FOWLR) it won't be as critical to maintain certain paremeters but if you want coral it will require more stability.
  5. Jesterrace

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    Very sound advice given here. I agree completely. Taller tanks are more difficult to light for corals, more of a pain to get good flow and they don't do much for the fish in terms of usable space. Horizontal length followed by width are the most important dimensions in the hobby and they can greatly affect your stock list. Saltwater fish are much more sensitive to cramped spaces than freshwater fish.

    As for filter differences, the biggest thing to know is that unlike freshwater the biofilter is maintained in the rock work instead of the filter media, hence why live rock or dry rock to be seeded with bacteria is so crucial. Is the 25 Long a 3 foot long tank? If so then it really opens up some fish stocking options for you.