Questions: H2o Cond, Ac

  1. Dingomama

    Dingomama Valued Member Member

    Hello pond friends. ? about cycled 450g pond that's 4mo old w 5 baby feeder goldfish added about 1mo ago.
    1. What's the Pond Water Conditioner of choice for adding at water changes/top offs?
    2. What's the best location for ac? I have a falls box, space in the 1056gph water pump "cage" and a big box pre-filter. I also have a 500gph I'm not using and that could be an auxiliary ac filter used only when the water gets tannin tea color, like now.
    3. My falls box contains, from bottom up, a sock of ammocarb i use for aquariums, then floss topped with small craggy rocks I intended to be the biofilter. I have pond bioballs I'm not using but could replace. There are peacock feathers growing in the falls box that I'd rather not take apart, but if I pull it apart to add ac, should I replace the rocks with bioballs?
  2. OneLittleBubble

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    I just wanted to let you know that when you try to re activate carbon with an oven. There is a chance of it releasing large amounts of carbon monoxide. If heated at the wrong temperature.
  3. OP

    Dingomama Valued Member Member

    GOOD to know
  4. Ulu

    Ulu Well Known Member Member

    I didn't know about the carbon monoxide, but if you heat charcoal on an aluminum BBQ pan to reactivate, it the corrosive compounds coming out of the charcoal eat right through the pan.