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Questions for the plant detectives (please help/confirm plant ID)

  1. bigCEE

    bigCEE New Member Member

    Hello everyone, as the subject suggests, I'm interested in confirming a few IDs of plants that I purchased from a local hobbyist.

    Without further adieu, through a combination of "suggestions" from the seller and my own research this is what I think I have (including pictures of the plants in the order listed).

    Picture 1
    Cryptocoryne Chordata (var blassii?) - 4 small plants with roots
    Cryptocoryne Wendtii var. rubella - 1 medium/large plant with root and 8 stems

    Picture 2
    Echinodorus Tenellus "Narrow Leaf Chain Sword" or "Pygmy Chain Sword" - 6 small plants, medium light

    Picture 3
    Rotala Indica - approx 10 long stems/shoots with small leaves but no obvious root, high light?

    Picture 4
    Close up of Rotala Indica

    Picture 5
    Ludwigia repens ("Rubin" or "mini super red"?) - approx 7-10 long stems/shoots with roots, medium to high light

    Picture 6
    Amazon Sword - 1 root bunch with 4-5 stems/leaves, moderate to high light with fertilizer and/or root tabs

  2. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    I'm not so up on my crypts but I think you're right on the rest:)
  3. OP

    bigCEE New Member Member

    Thanks Aquaphobia! Do you happen to keep any of them yourself? If so, under what conditions (lighting, ferts, root tabs, etc)? Any advice?