Questions for setting up a 58 gallon tank

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    I'd like to get my 58 gallon set up up and running soon and want to try fish less cycling for the first time.
    I have ammonia for dosing and the master test kit. I have a small (up to 15 gallon) in tank filter running as a secondary in my 36 gallon that i could move over as a secondary filter to help seed the new tank. I would like to time in so that the first batch of fish for the new tank are finishing quarantine around the time the tank is done cycling so I can move the fish over pretty much right away.

    Anyone have an educated guess as to how long it should take?

    Can I add live plants and aquascape while the tank is cycling? Would that disturb my cycle?

    Should I add TSS or Seachem Stability? Will that speed up fishless cycling?
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    Bumping this up for you
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    Anybody got any input here?
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    So I'm no authority at all. I just started back in all this fish-business after like a 10 year hiatus so I'm rusty but I'll do what I can and others should start chiming in.

    I'm answering out of order, hope you don't mind

    Time it takes- who knows, many many factors there, ur specific water parameters for one but basically once you think "this is never gonna end".... All of a sudden it's over. Mine took less than a month actually. Somewhere between 2 and 8 weeks honestly would all be common.

    Yes seed with the small filter from your other tank. Can't hurt that's for sure.

    Yes aquascape and plant away. Gives you something to do while you wait.

    Yes yes yes to the TSS+. I used it about 2-1/2 weeks into cycling when I was getting impatient (based on others suggestions) and it went like a flash after that!

    Good luck, hope that helped a bit. Keep us posted on your newest project!!