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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Gammawaves17, May 22, 2018.

  1. Gammawaves17New MemberMember

    have a three gallon tank with one betta (given the fish as a gift and need to make a decent home for him).
    I have a heater and a zoo mignon 60 filter in the tank. With sponge on the bottom and media ceramic mix on top.
    I have been trying to cycle the tank for about 2 months now and I am still getting ammonia after about 12 hours.
    I do about 50% water changes daily and vaccum the gravel substrate.
    I cannnot for the life of me get this ammonia under control.
    If I leave it for two days I’ll start getting nitrites at about 0.25ppm
    Wanna tinker around with either the filter (been noticing there is still a lot of debris even after vacuuming) or changing the gravel to sand.
    Any advice on a starting point would be great
  2. Hego_Damask

    Hego_DamaskValued MemberMember

    Hello, & welcome to fishlore!!

    You said you’ve been trying to cycle the tank for 2 months, can you elaborate on this ?

    What exactly have you been doing ?
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  3. TeslaValued MemberMember

    hey, welcome to the fun world of cycling - in some cases the cycle takes too long and can get frustrating and fish in cycle is harder imo as you are careful to avoid harm to fishes.
    Few tips to start with - do not add water directly to filter as it would kill the beneficial bacteria, secondly you can use prime to neutralize ammonia and nitrites up to 1ppm so you can change water every second day as long you keep it below 1ppm and dose prime.
    Lastly its good that you have media for BB space but you can speed it up by adding a seeded filter pad from an established healthy tank.

    I agree with the above message, help with details of what you have been doing so we can help with corrections if any.
  4. OP

    Gammawaves17New MemberMember

    Sorry for lack of detail, I have been dosing with prime when the ammonia and nitrite combined get over 1 ppm. Iv been gravel vacuuming half the tank every water change and using stability.
  5. Hego_Damask

    Hego_DamaskValued MemberMember

    Are you adding your own source of ammonia ?
  6. OP

    Gammawaves17New MemberMember

    No it’s a fish in cycle sadly I was given the fish as a gift from my girl friend. I was recently at my local fish store today and he said to not touch the tank till Saturday to let the levels build up. He said water changes so often don’t let ammonia build up to cycle
  7. TeslaValued MemberMember

    You dont need to change water daily, when you see either of ammonia / nitrite building up to 1ppm then change 30% water and dose with prime.

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