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I generally like the way this forum works, but have a few of questions. If I think of more I'll post later.

  1. Earlier today I accidentally double-posted. I know we can edit posts, and I did so, explaining the issue, but is there any way to delete our own posts instead?
  2. I occasionally start to reply to a post, enter some text, and then change my mind and decide not to. I remove all the text I entered, but when I go back to the discussion my text is still there. Is there any way to permanently delete that?
  3. I occasionally get a notification that someone is "Following" me. What does that mean? Does that person then get a notification any time I post something, or is it something else?


The mods will combine double posts
The text stayin there happens to me too cause maybe it allows u to research an answer and not lose everything... you can delete it and just type in a different response cuz unless u hit send it’ll just sit in the post box.
the follow will allow the follower to see all the threads u replied to but they won’t get an alert every time u post something it’ll just be in their news feed on their profile page...
hope that clears up some questions and made some sense
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Hi, you can’t delete your own posts,if it’s a double post we usually spot those & remove them if it’s a post you want removing then just drop one of us a message & we can remove it for you.
2. If you mean you entered text in the reply box but didn’t post it then yes you can delete it, click on the icon that looks like a floppy disk (if you remember what those looked like) & delete draft

3. I’m not sure what they see when following you, just that you show when online I think. Edit: what Kallilly said ^

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