Questions about Trapdoor Snails and other Snail Questions

  1. Sergeant Pepper Well Known Member Member

    So I think I've fallen in love. I currently have 2 Nirites Snails and I love them. I never thought I would, but they are so interesting to watch. Since then, I've been wanting to get more snails.

    Current tank is 29 gallons.

    The two I currently have do great!

    I've been thinking of adding more snails but need help!
    Today I looked at Mystery Snails and can't seem to find the perfect one. Most places seem to have slim pickings or dead ones.
    However, I saw some amazing Trapdoor Snails. They were super cool. Quite large too. About golf ball size.

    Can Trapdoor Snails live in aquariums? I've read that they are only plant eaters when food isnt available.
    Would they cause issues with my current snails?
    Should I stick with Mystery Snails instead? If so, how many mystery snails would be okay without bothering my 2 Nirites Snails?

  2. sunshine2012 Member Member

    Trapdoor snails I'm not familiar with, but nerite snails and mystery snails you should be ok with. I do know that nerite snails need brackish water for the eggs to hatch and mystery snails don't and they do have lots and lots of babies hehe. Not sure how many is ok as I'm not a breeder and never have. Once others on her are up in an hour or so they will start to answer your questions a little more.

  3. Sergeant Pepper Well Known Member Member

    I might go today and look at a Petco that I work nearby. If they have a few that look healthy, I might just stick with those.

    Really interested in the Trapdoors. Anyone have further information?
  4. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    I can't comment on trap doors either, but I do love my mystery snails. Standard rule is 2.5 gallons per snail, but I find them to be happier at double that. They do need calcium and food and should be considered in the bioload for the tank, but no concerns with them being with the nerites. As far as snails, I have 2 mysteries and 2-3 nerites in each of my 10gs

  5. Sergeant Pepper Well Known Member Member

    I'm going tonight to see if I get lucky. Might leave with 3 or 4 ;)
  6. sunshine2012 Member Member

    Did you have any luck last night?
  7. Sergeant Pepper Well Known Member Member

    I didn't have a single bit of luck unfortunately. :( I might try again on Monday when I get a chance. They either always seem out or have terrible choices. Like snails upside-down or dead. I would buy them from online but they seem a bit expensive to ship. I've been skimming aquabids. That might be an option. Not sure how well they'd do shipped though.

  8. sunshine2012 Member Member

    What is around you for pet stores? I only ask because maybe there is a mom-pop store near you.
  9. Sergeant Pepper Well Known Member Member

    I have a place I go to called Aquarium Adventures in Illinois. (Where I live) it's about 30 minutes from me. They have a great selection but their Mystery Snails are always bad. Otherwise I work next to a Petco and a PetSmart but they have horrible selection.
  10. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    Maybe check to see when they get their mysteries in, and head out not too long after that. My LFS that I like is about 30 minutes away as well, so I usually call first to see what they have available to determine if it's worth the drive and traffic. The hard part with snails is that they are still somewhat new in the hobby, so from what I've seen, even some of the best stores have unhealthy snails.

  11. Sergeant Pepper Well Known Member Member

    I'm learning to love them! I think for my next tank, it's going to be a Betta/Snail tank

    I'll keep looking.

    Does anyone have luck getting them from online?
  12. sunshine2012 Member Member

    I have 2 near me in NH and they have a good selection at petsmart, petco isn't bad either. My favorite for decorations because they have a huge selection is in Manchester nh petsmart
  13. rainman Well Known Member Member


    Trapdoor snails are quite good at cleaning up algae. They are gilled snails and do not breath air from the surface, unlike your Beta. Having proper surface agitation would be required, also they prefer cooler temperatures and don't lay eggs - they are live-bearers.

    They prefer decaying matter to live plants, having too many in one aquarium though will activate their voracity and they will nibble on plants. Heck I've seen them eat natural filter sponges before in ponds.

    There's not much info on your parameters for your 29G tank, so it's hard to say if they'll be fine for sure.

    but, at least you have some more info on the cool little guys!