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Questions About Replacing Hang On Back Filter

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Evilsleeve, May 18, 2019.

  1. Evilsleeve New Member Member

    Hey everyone , I currently have a Top Fin silent stream 20 on the back of my 10 gallon tank. I’m wanting to replace it with a better HOB filter. The top fin uses filter cartridges with activated carbon inside that are replaceable. What would be the best way to swap filters with the least amount of stress on the fish in the tank, and also prevent my cycle from starting over? Any insight is greatly appreciated. And so are recommendations on a new filter. The current filter works but I’m just wanting better quality filtration for my fish.

  2. A201 Well Known Member Member

    I like the Fluval Aqua Clear HOB filters. An AC-30 would be a good choice. Install the new filter & keep the Top Fin filter up & running for three or four weeks. That should be enough time to cycle the new filter. Then remove the old filter. No more buying expensive filter cartridges

  3. Tol Valued Member Member

    Either run both old and new while the new is being established or if it will fit, take any/all media out of your current and put into the new filter. Aquaclear 20 might be a good one to check out.

  4. Cichlidude Well Known Member Member

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  5. Tol Valued Member Member

    Seachem Tidal 35 might be another option. Not sure if it would be too big for a 10 gal? The flow is adjustable though. I have a Tidal 55 and am a big fan of their filters.
  6. Cichlidude Well Known Member Member

    Well believe it or not, I have a Tidal 55 on my 10 gallon. The intake is cut down and flowing at the minimum but holds a ton of Matrix. I did purchase the Marina S20 and used it on the 10 gallon, but things changed and use the Tidal now.
  7. Tol Valued Member Member

    Nice. I have never seen the 35 in person to get an idea on the physical size of it, but might work well for 10 gal.
  8. Evilsleeve New Member Member

    Aqua clear 20 or 30 were recommended to me as well so I’ll be looking in to those. This may be a dumb question so bare with me, but what exactly is filter floss? Is it the white soft portion of my filter cartridge that the carbon is inside? As of right now my cartridge has no activated carbon inside (cut it out to medicate the tank for a fungal issue). Also, I might not be able to run both filters together because I have to keep the lid on to keep our cats from dipping their paws in the water. After I’m done medicating the tank and everything is all clear for a few weeks and I make the switch to a new filter,can I just take the filter cartridge out of the Top Fin filter and put it inside the new filter somewhere that it will fit and that’s good enough? Again sorry if these questions should be self explanatory but I’m still fairly new to fish keeping and learning as I go
  9. Cichlidude Well Known Member Member

    Yes, the floss is the white stuff outside the cartridge, the carbon is on the inside. Yes, like I said, just take your media and put it in your new filter.
  10. Evilsleeve New Member Member

    Thank you!
  11. Tol Valued Member Member

    No worries we are all learning things. Yes the "bag" your carbon was in is basically filter floss. Filter floss, Polyfil or quilt batting is useful typically for finer mechanical filtration or water polishing but it can grow some bacteria. If your current filter has some room, you can always add in some more bio media to it as well if you want. That might be good to do anyway if it will be a few weeks until you change. That would at least give you a head start on seeding your new filter. You can and should put anything that will hold BB from the old into the new filter.
  12. Evilsleeve New Member Member

    Tol, my plan is to get the filter today if I can although it won’t be set up until after I’m done treating my tank. Will it be okay to use the filter floss that’s in my tank now in the new filter even though I’m medicating the tank? Or should I wait until after treatment is done, and I replace the cartridge to add a bag of media from the new filter to the existing filter for a few weeks, and then transfer the bag over to the new filter?
  13. !poogs! Valued Member Member

  14. Islandvic Well Known Member Member

    @Evilsleeve , in have the same filter on a 10g also.

    I find it highly effective and I like the variable flow rate.

    I don't use the cartridges though.

    There is a thread in the sticky'd yellow section at the top of the "filters and filtration" section, that deals with adding DIY media to HOB's. One of the main examples used is the Silentstream.


    They actual have a decent sized reservoir compared to other HOB's of the same size.

    The filters the other members mentioned (AC's, Tidals, Marina, etc) are good recommends.

    For a couple of $ though, you can hotrod a Silentstream and not have to buy another filter.

    This is how I set up mine...

    Not pictured is a bit of Polyfil stuffed in there.

    The dark colored sponge is from a mini sponge filter I keep in there to stay cycled, so I can set it up in a 5 gallon bucket for a quick QT or hospital tank.