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OK, well the overflow box and stuff should be here Friday. What kind of plumbing goes from the bulkheads? Flexible plastic, PVC? I would also like to add a ball valve to cut that off without breaking the siphon if maintenance is required.

Off my return pumps, the outlet is 3/4" barbed, I assume for flexible tubing, but all the check valves I can find are for PVC slip fittings (not familiar with this type of connection). I want to install a check valve on each pump and a ball valve on the whole system, again, for maintenance. I also would prefer to use a Y instead of a T to reduce the pressure on the pumps so both lines go into the Y instead of meeting head-to-head in a T.

Also, I'm not sure if I am going to use a spray bar, or a U over the top of the tank in the middle with directional arms.

Any help?
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Alright, I'm going to ditch the dual pump idea and just get one pump rated at 600gph at the head. I'm going to use the over the top U-tube, but would like to add 2 flexible ball socket arms to allow me to direct the flow in 2 directions. The U-tube is here:

Supposing I get the larger tube (3/4" to 1") what size socket adapters will I need? I'm thinking the 3/4" will work, but was just wondering if anyone knew. Here are the adapters:

Going off the U-tube above, I will do a "Y", part F, then two 6" tubes, part A, then two 3" flare nozzles, part B. Is all this feasible, or am I wasting time? I thought about the spray bar more, and I just like that I'll be able to have more control over this setup than the spray bar.

Also, I solved the check valve situation. $22 on eBay for clear check valve with 3/4" barbed fittings, and it's from a seller that sells aquarium supplies, so that's set. With the check valve on the pump side, all I need is a pvc ball valve on the overflow side and I am set. I think I've got it all figured out, now I just have to save up some more cash, lol. These misc parts will put me about $150 over budget, but that's not too bad. I'm sure I'll have pics as I go.

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