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    I recently started to go through my garage looking for the stuff I had for my old 60 gallon tank that is buried still in the corner behind the kids old clothes & toys. I found my old skimmer which and used for many years and don't remember having any problems with it. I believe the skimmer was good for tanks for 80 gallons to 135 gallons and its big and bulky! It's been almost 7-8 years since it was last used so I had to remember how to connect everything up again. This skimmer has one part that goes into the wet/dry and the last wet/dry I had with this skimmer was so much bigger and had room. With this wet/dry the pumps are right next to the skimmer tube that is producing bubbles. I have a couple of questions that maybe members here can help.

    A. I have a 36 gallon tank now and wondering would this skimmer be too much for this smaller tank?
    B. I have these little micro bubbles being produced and going into the tank and was wondering if this was normal until the skimmer breaks in? I was told by somebody that is the case just want to make sure?

    It's been maybe 13-14 years when I first started the skimmer the last time and can't remember if it did this the last time?? :eek:

    I thought of buying a new skimmer at first because this skimmer is so big and I'm limited in space but since I have this one I'm hoping I won't have too?
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    Hi, sorry for not seeing this thread earlier.

    Do you know the model, or water flow rate of the skimmer? About 5x turnover per hour is pretty good for a skimmer. To be honest, I don't know what happens if the skimmer is massively over-rated for the tank. I would think (guessing here), that it may not be as efficient. The water may pass through too quickly :;dk

    Micro bubbles are very common, that's baffles are put in the sump so that bubbles float to the top, and not into the tank. It could be a break in thing, I know mine subsided within 1 or 2 days, but if the bubbles stay longer than that, maybe you need to look for some form of diffusion. Too, if the skimmer is massively over-rated, maybe that contributes.

    I'm trying to guess (based on my knowledge of how they work) at what you could do. Can you post a photo of the setup?

    Also, is it a venturi skimmer? I know the venturi skimmers tend to expel less bubbles.
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    I have had the skimmer set up since Saturday and the skimmer is producing the micro bubbles that is being pumped into the tank. I put a filter pad at the of the skimmer that the bubbles are being produced and going to the sump. I thought that might of helped but the bubbles are going strong. My wife and I have noticed ever since I have connected the skimmer the tank is getting hit more with brown/rust algae. Could the bubbles be causing this?

    I have also noticed that my Yellow Tang since Saturday has been breathing heavier than usual and wondering if all this is related to the skimmer. I did a 40% water change a week ago and do you think I need another one?

    When I get home from work I will try to take picture of set up but since the skimmer is almost 15+ years old I couldn't find a model number or brand.

    I believe it might be a venturi skimmer and found this that looks like how the skimmer is except where the water comes out it goes through a pvc pipe and into the sump:

    Thank you.. Ory

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    I'm noticing after 1 week the micro bubbles are there but decreasing day by day. I'm assuming the skimmer is breaking in and I hope the bubbles will eventually be gone.