Questions about fish deaths

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    I recently have dealt with an ICH problem in my 47 gallon aquarium and all seemed to be fine. The temperature was still set at 84 and had been in the ranges of 84 and 86 the past 10 days. Tonight when I came home I found 1 of the dwarf rainbow fish that I have dead. All the other fish appear to be ok. Does anyone know if temperatures between 84 and 86 are bad for the fish? I turned the temperature back down to the normal temperature it use to be at which was usually in the 78 to 81 range. We have done several water changes over the past few weeks it appears that the rest of the fish are all fine. Im not sure the test kit I have is the most accurate for testing the water. Is there one anyone reccomends that is better , and more accurate I know strips are not good. I will go buy a new test kit tomorrow to recheck the water parameters to be safe.
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    Hello JMullen. Sorry to hear about your fish loss. If you have treated your tank for ICH for two weeks of higher temperatures then I recommend lowering it to 78 (as I see you've done), if your fish are ICH free. Higher temperatures can stress your fish when they are exposed to it for long periods of time. However, I'm not saying the high temperatures killed your fish. Too, higher temperatures requires more oxygen so an air stone should be added if the temperatures need to be raised.

    API Master Test Kit is most commonly recommended by members on this site. You can buy the complete kit or buy each test separately. Very accurate. Remember to check the expiration dates when you make the purchase. I will open the box if necessary to check the dates. If it's expired I take it to the store check out counter, if it's not expired I buy it. (some stores don't like you opening packages but then they shouldn't be selling expired products is my view)

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    The API kit is great unless you are using Amquel+. There is a known compatability issue between Amquel+ and the API ammonia test. It will read false positive for ammonia. I use Amquel+ (and really like it), so I went to Kardon's website (the makers of Amquel+) and purchased their powder based ammonia test kit (since it doesn't seem to be available in any stores). The other tests in the API kit work fine with Amquel+.