Questions About Buying Fish Online


Hey everyone, I have been reading up on fish keeping for the last few months and I was hoping on starting to get everything together for a tropical freshwater setup. However unfortunately the pet shops in my area typically only have goldfish, tetras, and some catfish. So I have been looking online and had a questions.

1.) OK. Wow!!! shipping cost.... It's not cheap that's for sure. I have done some checking around and have found that if you spend so much at some websites they tend to drop shipping from around 30-50$ to around $10 but that leads to the issue of how the heck do I deal with all of these fish at once because from what I understand dropping 60$ worth of fish in a cycled tank all at once is a horrible idea. Quarantining them is a logistic nightmare aswell. So from what I understand it is either go broke Buying the fish or go broke buying a million fish tanks to properly handle it

Obviously I don't plan on buying any fish (or anything for that matter) anytime soon so I'm just trying to get an idea of how much it's going to cost. Thank You


I found that online prices were reasonable when I compared the totla price to what LFS.are charging by me.

I have a 10 gallon QT tank set up. I ran the HOB on my main tank for about a month before I moved it to the QT tank. There was still a minI cycle as not enough beneficial bacteria had grown in there from running on the main tank.

I would recommend having a small QT tank so not to expose.display tank fish to any possible diseases.

With, the QT can quickly a load of fish if you test the water and do water changes and dose prime to keep ammonia and nitrite levels in an acceptable range.

I got sick of testing so I just do a 50% water change eveye day or at worse every other day

As for shipping, liveaquaria is free if the order is over $99 I think and they have a 14 day guarantee. Their prices are usually higher than other options because they need to factor in their guarantee into their prices. I've ordered from Imperial Tropicals and their shiposhI is only $10 for order over $45, I think. They have a live arrival guarantee.

Those two places are decent. Another highly recommended place is "The Wetspot.". Their shipping is expensive and only their next day shipping comes with a live arrival guarantee. Their fish prices are lower than .the other two places I mentioned so it sort of evens out. Wetspot has a huge selection of fish that is more than. The other two places I mentioned.


Thing is, buying fish on line probably isn't a great idea for a beginner with no experience. I wouldnt recommend it anyway. There's too much that can go wrong, and if youve never had fish before, its easy to get in over your head.

Also, you'll have a tendency to overbuy since you want to save on shipping. Absolutely the WORST and FIRST mistake most beginner make is overstocking the tank. Within a few days fish will start dying off and you'll have no idea why.

The cost is relative. Do you want $2 dollar fish or $2,000 dollar fish? You can go as cheap or as expensive as you want.

Where are you located and why not start with some tetras? Theyre usually pretty cheap and pretty easy.


Other options: Drive somewhere to get fish. If you are on vacation or some trip, like to a fish convention, order fish from a place on the way home, and stop there on that day (scheduling is important). Bring suitable chemicals and containers for the fish, and also a portable battery operated air stone.
Another option: Meet Aquarium enthusiasts: Plan to buy a load of great fish from some great venue together as a group. Five guys, 12 fish, one box. That kind of action. Split the money for the shipping between you. Easy.
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