Questions About Betta Coloration

  1. Georgie Girl

    Georgie Girl Valued Member Member

    I've seen photo essay-like posts showing white or pale-colored fish turning colors. I chose Boris not for his color but because I feared he was dying. Now that he's healthy (I think), I'm wondering if he'll change colors.

    His fins and tail have been filling in so well. They flash iridescent green and purple when the light hits them. I don't know if that informs what he'll look like in future. Do you?

    Before I saw Boris at PetSmart, I was going to find a blue mustard betta. I think they're amazing. But I don't much care what Boris eventually displays, or if he stays white with charcoal fins & tail.

    I'm just really curious about bettas and how they get colors. 20180523_085045.jpg 20180523_181314.jpg 20180523_195514.jpg 20180523_184459.jpg
  2. Velma

    Velma Well Known Member Member

    There is a jumping gene called the marble gene, some Betta Fish have it and some don’t. Your Betta Fish May stay this color for his entire life, or he could change completely multiple times. There’s really no way to tell. I’ve included some pictures of my betta when I first got him as compared to now. He started changing colors almost immediately.

    Also, here’s an article with some crazy pictures of one particular betta’s color changes:  

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  3. kayla20johnson

    kayla20johnson Valued Member Member

    He’s ya BEAUTIFUL!!! My I bought Venus (my beta) due to the “unicorn” look he had to him; almost all white body and fins/tail with rainbow tips. Just 2 days after bringing him home (picture) he started turning a beautiful blue color and is now blue with red tipped fins and tail! 7505a3d7174ec44170908452b79ed261.jpg
  4. Velma

    Velma Well Known Member Member

    Isn’t it crazy! I like my betta’s coloration more before I got him, but whatever ya’ know? Haha. He was a $40 Betta Fish so as long as he has good shape/health, I don’t mind what color he goes. Yours is pretty too! I like the pattern on his head.