Questions About Betta Breeding(specifically Koi)

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I have an hmpk koI betta male and a female koI betta, and I had setup a breeding tank filled with infusoria and small worms as food for the fry. I put some live plants and I checked on the male last night and I found almost any fishkeeper's nightmare- ich! He had about 8 spots! I gave him some meds and some salt along with bloodworms soaked in some garlic juice but he refused the bloodworms and ended up vomiting it back out! I've never seen a fish vomit food back up like this so this got me really concerned. I moved him to my hospital planted tank. It has blackwater(tannin enriched water) to boost their immune system so I really hope that it'll help him. What should I do? I doubt that its safe to breed him with the risk of the female and fry contracting ich as well...

Also, are there any alternate fry foods other than micro worms, vinegar eels, banana worms, or baby brine shrimp? Thanks in advance!
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It isn't safe to breed him anymore until you treat him first. Treat using Kordon's Ich Attack Ich Treatmet, Ich-x, Cupramine (or any copper based medication, but it can be overdosed, so you need a copper test kit). I recommend Paraguard because it's much more gentler and low risk of overdosing. There isn't any other alternative fry foods, they need live foods to eat because the moments of the live foods stimulate them to hunt and eat. Feed non-live foods, they don't eat because it doesn't look like food to them.
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