55 Gallon Tank Question: What Else Can I Add To Make A Solid Community Tank?


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Hi all...

Been a while since I have posted, however I am sad to say that after almost 5 years, our 2 fancy goldfish have passed on... RIP Sammy and Robot....

That said, we have decided to build an active and fun community tank of schooling fish, and other colorful ones. Different than the goldfish we had...

So far, here's what we got:
5 Cory's
8 Red Barbs
1 Dwarf Powder Blue Gourami
1 Clown Pleco

At first this sounded like a lot, lol, but in the 55 gallon tank, it's still looking pretty empty... So... I have a couple of questions... And i want to keep this a peaceful community tank.

1) Can I add other Dwarf Gourami's (like a pearl, or flame) to add some more color pop, without the concern of them getting aggressive, or mating? I don't want to have to worry about breeding...
2) Other suggestions as to either show fish or schooling fish to add tot he tank to add some activity and fun, but also easy to manage, and care for. Also colorful too Attached is a pic of my Powder Blue Gourami, named Blue Shiny by my son, and the tank as a whole.

Thanks for any suggestions


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One DG per tank. I think with blue (three-spot) gouramis you can have more then one per tank but not with DGs, the males will kill each other and the females are A, hard to find and B, will result in breeding and then have to be removed so the male doesn't kill them. Congo tetras are really cool, you could keep those in there. For another show fish try an Electric Blue Acara. They're super peaceful and have a great attitude. Mine eats out of my hand and I've had him like a week. You could also way up your school of barbs and cories. Really nice looking tank!
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